Ireland was involved, 34 people were arrested

Ireland was involved, 34 people were arrested

Irish police announced that 34 people were arrested following violence caused by protesters who gathered yesterday in the city center following a knife attack in which 5 people were injured, including 3 children.

Irish police chief Drew Harris blamed the violence on a crazy, hooligan group motivated by far-right ideology.

Despite protesters’ claims that the attack was carried out by an immigrant, sources providing information to the BBC claimed that the suspect was an Irish national in his 40s who had been living in the country for 20 years. .


Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said in his statement that approximately 500 people were involved in yesterday’s violence.

Varadkar said those who burned cars and looted shops in central Dublin “brought shame to Ireland” and promised that new laws would be passed within weeks to bring those involved to justice.


It was reported that 5 people were injured in the stabbing incident that occurred yesterday outside a school in the city center of Dublin, Ireland’s capital.

Irish police announced that one person in connection with the attack was arrested and was being treated for serious injuries.

A few hours after the incident, tension arose between protesters and Irish police who gathered near the area where the attack occurred.

Protesters, who blamed an immigrant for the knife attack, clashed with police and damaged 11 police vehicles. Protesters damaged many stores in the region and looted some of them.

In the violence that lasted more than three hours, 3 buses and a tram were destroyed and many police officers were injured.

In a statement issued in the evening, police announced that the violent incidents were under control and the situation had calmed down.

Ireland’s Justice Minister Helen McEntee said in a statement: “The horrific attack in Dublin city center is a horrific crime that has shocked us all, but the scenes we witnessed in our city center do not can and will not be tolerated. She used the expression. (AA)

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