European Union reaction to Gaza

European Union reaction to Gaza

In the written statement made on behalf of the EU by the office of Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, it was underlined that they were satisfied with the start of the humanitarian pause, which provided for the exchange of prisoners between Israel and Hamas.

“This plan must be fully implemented and extended for a longer period as a first step towards ending the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.” The statement stated the following:

“Following Israel’s military operation in Gaza, more than a million people fled their homes with nowhere to go. “At the same time, an uncontrolled escalation of settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank is unacceptable.”

“The EU regrets the death of many civilians”

In the statement, it was recalled that the EU has supported the defense of Israel by complying with international humanitarian law from the beginning, and said: “The EU regrets the deaths of many civilians, especially thousands of children and women.” his opinion was shared.

The statement highlighted that it is a legal obligation to protect civilians, unhindered access to basic services and respect for areas that need to be protected such as hospitals and schools: “One horror cannot justify another horror.” “For the good of both peoples, the current trend must be reversed.” the evaluation was carried out.

The statement stated the following:

“The only path to sustainable peace, security and prosperity for both the EU and Israel and Palestine is a two-state solution. “It is the duty of the international community to take serious measures to make this possible.” (AA)

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