Hamas announces conditions to release captive Israeli soldiers

Hamas announces conditions to release captive Israeli soldiers

Gazi Hamad, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau, stated that they are willing to release captured Israeli soldiers if Israel releases all Palestinian prisoners in jails.

In a program he attended on Al Jazeera television, Hamad made assessments about the prisoner exchange agreement reached between Israel and Hamas and the humanitarian intervention. Expressing that they are careful to comply with the agreement reached, Hamad stated that the process regarding the exchange of prisoners and the suspension of hostilities is currently underway.

Hamad noted that aid trucks have not yet arrived in northern Gaza and that they are in contact with the United Nations on this issue. Stating that they are also working to extend the humanitarian pause, which includes a 4-day pause in conflicts, Hamad said: “We are trying to do everything possible to extend the ceasefire and stop (Israel’s) attacks. “We are holding talks with mediators to address this issue and are working to extend the ceasefire,” he said.


Hamad stated that they are in favor of resolving the issue of Israeli prisoners in Gaza and said:

“We are in contact with mediators to implement this (the resolution of the Israeli prisoners issue) on the ground. We are interested in freeing more captives. Of course, this depends on what happens on the field. “We have no problem releasing more prisoners.”

Responding to the question about the release of captive Israeli soldiers, Hamad said: “If Israel releases all the Palestinian captives, we are willing to release the captive Israeli soldiers that we have.” (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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