Israel withdrew from Sifa hospital by demolishing it

Israel withdrew from Sifa hospital by demolishing it

The Israeli army bombed some sections and buildings of the Shifa hospital before the humanitarian pause in Gaza came into effect.

They blew up sections of the hospital containing medical equipment, including electrical generators, X-ray machines and oxygen pumps. Israeli forces withdrew from the hospital after the destruction they carried out.

According to local sources, there are approximately 180 patients and 7 medical staff at Şifa Hospital who cannot be transferred due to serious and critical fractures in their bodies and need special ambulances for transportation.

Due to the severity of their health conditions, 19 of the injured and patients are in danger of losing their lives. Patients, the injured and healthcare workers remaining in the hospital are said to be suffering from food and water shortages and are waiting to be discharged from the hospital.

On November 14, the Israeli army stormed the Healing Complex, which had been under siege for several days. Meanwhile, clashes broke out with Palestinian resistance groups around the hospital. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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