UN: 74 percent of those killed in Gaza are children and women

UN: 74 percent of those killed in Gaza are children and women

In the statement made by the United Nations (UN) Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), it was noted that approximately 1.7 million Palestinians, equivalent to almost 80 percent of the population of the Gaza Strip, have been displaced since October 7.

The statement states that 1 million 37 thousand displaced Palestinians as of November 21 took refuge in 156 facilities belonging to UNRWA throughout the Gaza Strip, including the northern region.

The statement states that approximately 877,000 displaced people are housed in 99 UNRWA facilities in the central part of the Gaza Strip and in the Khan Yunis and Rafah regions in the south, and recalls that 14,128 people They have been displaced. killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7 in Israeli attacks.

The statement said: “More than 14,128 people were killed in the Gaza Strip; “It is claimed that 74 percent of them are children and women.”


In the statement, it was recalled that before Israeli forces decided to evacuate on October 12, approximately 160,000 displaced Palestinians remained in 57 UNRWA facilities in Gaza City and the northern region, and said: “UNRWA cannot access to these facilities to protect or assist. displaced people. “You have no information about the situation and needs of these people.”

Drawing attention to severe overcrowding in UNRWA facilities, the statement highlighted that approximately 220 people had to use a single toilet in UNRWA schools and that there was only one showering place for every 4,500 people on average. .

The statement recalled that the displaced had to take refuge in UNRWA facilities that were not designed as shelters, and stated that this was one of the reasons for the lack of places to shower. The statement said: “UNRWA was unable to bring additional mobile shower cabins to its facilities due to both lack of space and lack of fuel required for transportation.”

The statement recalled that 108 UNRWA employees have been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7 and stated that at least 40 percent of them were killed in the southern part of the Gaza Valley, located in the central part of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army had previously asked the population of Gaza City and northern regions to head to the southern Gaza Valley. (AA)

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