Uncertainty over Gaza ceasefire agreement

Uncertainty over Gaza ceasefire agreement

According to Israeli press reports, the prisoner exchange with Hamas and the start of the humanitarian pause in the conflict were postponed due to some gaps in the reconciliation articles.

Israeli state television KAN news, based on a high-level source, stated that there is hope for a prisoner exchange and a compromise that will bring a humanitarian pause to the conflicts in the Gaza Strip. The news highlighted that there are still some gaps in the reconciliation articles, but apparently everything is going well for the moment and added: “The Qataris informed us on Wednesday night that Hamas did not sign the agreement. “As you can see, there is a situation that concerns you,” the statement said.

The news noted that the prisoner exchange with Hamas and the humanitarian rupture of the conflicts were postponed due to gaps in some articles, and that sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also expressed hope that “although there is no ceasefire for moment, an agreement will be reached.”

On the other hand, in the news of Channel 13 of Israeli television it was argued that the exchange of prisoners and the humanitarian break in the conflicts were postponed due to the insistence of Hamas on some issues that would not be accepted by Israel.


The story noted that no list was provided to Israel of the captives expected to be released today, and included the following statements from a senior Israeli official:

“There may be delays due to differences of opinion in the negotiations, but this will not cause negotiations to break down. This is in line with the message that Qatar conveyed to Israel last night. Therefore, the agreement is not in danger. The war continues as in previous days. There will be no ceasefire until the first hostages return. “When the first hostages arrive, there will be a ceasefire.”


On the other hand, Egypt announced that the humanitarian pause, which will suspend fighting in the Gaza Strip, is expected to come into force on Friday, depending on the progress of negotiations between the parties.

According to the written statement published on the Egyptian Press Information Agency website, the President of the Information Agency, Zia Rashvan, stated that his country continues to communicate and consult with the parties on the agreed humanitarian intervention that will come into force. in Gaza. Band. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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