Israel attacked the parliamentarian’s house

Israel attacked the parliamentarian’s house

According to the news from the official Lebanese NNA agency, one of the artillery shells fired by Israel hit the house of Kablan Kablan, a member of parliament for the Shiite Amal movement in Lebanon, in the Meys el-Jabel region.

No information was provided on whether there was loss of life or property in the attack.


76 Hezbollah members and 6 Israeli soldiers have been killed in clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah in the border region since October 8.

In its statement today, Hezbollah claimed that 1,523 Israelis have been injured so far in military operations on Lebanon’s southern border, and that it has attacked more than 40 Israeli military points on the 120-kilometer border line since the start of the conflict.

Israel, on the other hand, responds to Hezbollah attacks with artillery fire, as well as strikes with fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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