“War crimes in Gaza must be investigated”

“War crimes in Gaza must be investigated”

Amnesty International’s written statement said Israel showed a chilling indifference to the terrible losses suffered by civilians as a result of its “relentless and brutal bombing” in the Gaza Strip.

The statement noted that Amnesty, in its ongoing investigation into violations of the laws of war, has documented two telling cases in which 46 civilians, including 20 children, were killed in Israeli strikes.

It was highlighted that the oldest person who lost his life in these attacks was an 80-year-old woman and the youngest was a 3-month-old baby.


The statement stated that the attacks constituted war crimes and should be investigated, and called on the ICC chief prosecutor to “urgently take concrete measures to accelerate the investigation of war crimes and other crimes in accordance with international law.” .


The statement said: “Israel’s attacks on Gaza violate the most fundamental principles of international law. These attacks constitute a clear violation of principles such as the protection of civilians and proportionality. “These attacks by Israel constitute war crimes and must be investigated.”


In its statement on November 17, the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced that South Africa, Bolivia, Bangladesh, the State of Comoros and Djibouti had requested an investigation into Israel’s attacks on Gaza.


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), based in Russell, called for help for journalists in Gaza.

The IFJ’s written statement included a call for help from the federation’s affiliated Palestinian Journalists’ Union.

According to the statement, the union’s president, Nasser Abu Baker, said: “Our colleagues in Gaza, many of whom have lost their homes, many of whom have lost their families, need your solidarity and help to continue reporting on the atrocities committed by the The people of Gaza experience day and night. he said.

Baker recalled that 35 journalists have lost their lives in Israeli attacks since October 7.

Calling for contributions to the IFJ’s “International Security Fund” account, Baker emphasized that tents and sleeping equipment are priority needs.

The statement states that the IFJ, working through affiliated organisations, is the only international organization providing assistance to journalists. (AA)

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