Biden announced: The agreement is close

Biden announced: The agreement is close

As conflicts between Israel and Hamas continue to escalate, US President Biden made a critical statement about the hostages.

Biden said he believes an agreement on people taken hostage by Hamas is close.

Hamas, which has been in conflict with Israel since October 7, frequently raises the need for a deal over the hostages it is holding. While the organization claims that this agreement should also include a ceasefire, Tel Aviv is firmly opposed to such an agreement.

Israeli officials, especially Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reject a ceasefire and say the war will continue until Hamas is destroyed. Meanwhile, tensions are rising within Israel. People whose families have been captured and their supporters frequently organize demonstrations to reach a settlement.

Hamas is said to be holding 239 Israeli hostages. However, the organization continues to make statements stating that “some prisoners were killed in Israeli attacks.” (REUTERS-SÖZCÜ)

Source: Sozcu


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