Gaza death toll exceeds 12,000

Gaza death toll exceeds 12,000

The Palestinian government’s press office shared the total number of dead and injured and the latest situation on the destruction in the Gaza Strip on the 42nd day of the attacks.

As a result, more than 12 thousand people have lost their lives in the attacks that have continued since October 7; Of the deceased, 5,000 were children and 3,300 were women. In the attacks, 200 doctors, nurses and first responders, 22 civil defense workers and 51 journalists died.

More than 30 thousand people were injured as a result of the attacks. 75 percent of them were women and children.

The statement indicated that 3,750 people, including 1,800 children, were reported missing under the rubble.


So far, 95 government buildings and 255 schools have been targeted, leaving 63 schools out of commission. Of the 165 mosques bombed, 76 were completely destroyed.

The healthcare sector also suffered greatly from the attacks. While 25 hospitals and 52 health centers were out of service, 55 ambulances were also targeted.


The statement noted that Israel has been trying to mislead the public for many years with unfounded claims that “hospitals are used as command centers for Palestinian resistance forces.” It was stated that Israel thus sought to justify the “ethnic cleansing” and the crimes it was committing against the Palestinian people with attacks on hospitals.

In the statement, the government called for the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers and tanks from Shifa hospital and the supply of fuel to all hospitals so that they can carry out their humanitarian and health tasks.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza called on international institutions and organizations to form a technical team to inspect and inspect hospitals. (AA)

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