Hamas responded to Netanyahu’s claim

Hamas responded to Netanyahu’s claim

Hamas’s military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, published a statement on the Telegram platform in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that they had “strong indications” that the captives were in the Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

The statement included the following statements: “Our response to Netanyahu’s lie that there are Zionist prisoners in hospitals: We transferred some of them to care facilities to treat them and protect their lives due to the severity of their health conditions.”


The statement notes that Israeli prisoner Aryeh Zalman Zdmanovich was recently taken to intensive care and sent back to where he was taken after recovering, and claims that the Israeli in question died after suffering a panic attack as a result of repeated shelling around the place where he was. He is located. The organization noted that materials documenting this will be shared later. Hamas later released images of the body allegedly belonging to Aryeh Zalman Zdmanovich.

In his interview yesterday with the US-based CBS Evening News, Netanyahu said that they had strong indications that the prisoners were in the hospital in Şifa and that is why they were admitted to the hospital. (AA)

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