Israel: No agreement on prisoner exchange

Israel: No agreement on prisoner exchange

In his press conference, Israel’s National Security Council Chairman Hanegbi stated in his assessment of the release of prisoners held by Hamas in exchange for a ceasefire in Gaza: “I see a lot of news, right now I don’t no agreement has been reached.” “An agreement has been reached on any of the issues that are part of the negotiation process.” saying.

The Israeli official said they would only accept a “very limited and brief ceasefire” in exchange for Hamas releasing “a large number” of prisoners, adding: “Only then will we accept a ceasefire, and it will be very limited and brief.” . Because then we will continue to advance our war-related objectives.” he said.

Arguing that they believe the release of the prisoners will only occur “if Hamas feels stagnant and under pressure,” Hanegbi said: “We are on day 42 of the war and we have not ordered the Israeli army to stop its advance even for a moment. “. “One minute,” he said.

Hanegbi emphasized that while there are about 240 hostages in Gaza, they will not accept a temporary ceasefire for a small number of hostages and said they will “make no concessions” on this issue.

Stating that “all the objectives” set in Gaza by the Israeli government’s “war cabinet” have been achieved, Hanegbi said: “This is just the beginning.” saying.

“We will not stop until all military and leadership capabilities of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement are eliminated,” Hanegbi said. He concluded his words by saying. (AA)

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