Request for prosecution against Justin Trudeau

Request for prosecution against Justin Trudeau

According to the written statement made on the official website of the International Center for Justice for Palestinians (ICJP), the center’s legal working group in Canada submitted a statement to the Canadian government.

The statement warned that government officials, including Trudeau and Joly, could be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC) if there is evidence that they aided and abetted Israel’s war crimes.


The statement emphasized that Israel committed ethnic cleansing by preventing humanitarian aid and safe passage, indiscriminate bombing of civilians, and forcibly displacing 1.5 million people, and stated that “despite all of this, the Canadian government continues his determined support for Israel.


The statement stated that Canada refused to stop arms exports to the Israeli military and that some Canadian organizations illegally sent millions of dollars to the Israeli military.


The statement stated that Canada should cancel all arms export permits to Israel and block donations sent by some Canadian organizations to the Israeli military, and called on Canada to end its “war crimes partnership with Israel.” .

The statement emphasized that it continues to gather evidence regarding the behavior of Canadian officials and noted that all appropriate courses of action will be followed to ensure that those “responsible for aiding and abetting war crimes” are held accountable before the International Criminal Court.

The declaration in question was stated to be supported by many national and international organizations dealing with human rights, international law, peace and foreign policy. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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