New threat from Israel to Lebanon

New threat from Israel to Lebanon

Benny Gantz, former Israeli Defense Minister and member of the “Emergency Government,” called the country’s “war cabinet,” threatened Lebanon by saying that Israel would hunt down Hamas members wherever they were.

Gantz held a news conference at the Israeli Defense Ministry building in the capital Tel Aviv and said that “the Israeli military has deepened its operations in Gaza City.”


Emphasizing the fight against Hamas, Gantz said: “We will go wherever necessary in Gaza and around the world to eliminate Hamas fighters.”

“What we do effectively in the south (Gaza Strip) can be done better in the north (Lebanon) if necessary,” Gantz said, pointing to Lebanon.

“Even if we have to take a break…”

The former Israeli Defense Minister said: “Even if there is a limited pause in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, this will not be enough to stop the war,” adding: “Even if we have to pause hostilities to recover our hostages “The war will not stop until we achieve our objectives.”

Regarding Hamas Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar, Gantz added that “Sinwar was under the impression that he would divide Israeli society, and after seeing what was happening, he realized that Hamas had lost the war.”


Hezbollah released a written statement regarding its attacks against the Israeli army.

The statement states that the Israeli army attacked the “Ruveysat al-Alem” and “Ramim” military points with appropriate weapons and that the targets were hit accurately.

The Israeli army statement states that several rockets were fired from Lebanese territory towards the Israeli side and that no one was injured in the attack.

The statement states that the points where the attack occurred were attacked with artillery fire and that Israeli army tanks also attacked the Hezbollah observation point.

74 Hezbollah members and 6 Israeli soldiers have been killed in clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah on the border since October 8.

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