Pashinyan: We are looking for other partners

Pashinyan: We are looking for other partners

In his speech in the Armenian Parliament, Pashinyan made statements about his decision not to attend the CSTO summits.

Pashinyan explained that the CSTO did not fulfill its responsibilities regarding the security of Armenia: “This situation has been repeated several times. Our society does not understand why we go to the CSTO every time, repeat the same things and come back without receiving a response. Then we go back and back without getting any response.” he said.

Pashinyan said that Armenia did not reject the talks, but decided not to participate in the CSTO events for “certain reasons.”

Pashinyan stated that Armenia is now looking for new partners in the field of security: “We are looking for other partners in the field of security. We search and we find. We are trying to sign contracts, buy weapons and military equipment. This is our policy. “Strategically, since we have not decided to leave the CSTO, we will not announce any changes to our policy.” saying.

In the statement made yesterday by the Prime Minister of Armenia it was reported that Pashinian will not be able to attend the CSTO summit to be held in Belarus on November 23.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said they were “saddened” by the decision in question.

Source: Sozcu


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