Russia: the establishment of a Palestinian state is inevitable

Russia: the establishment of a Palestinian state is inevitable

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov made statements about Israel’s attacks on Palestine in his interview with the television channel “Russia Today” (RT).

Stating that the former Soviet Union played an important role in the establishment of Israel, Lavrov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin attaches importance to Israel’s security.

Lavrov said: “At the same time, security cannot be bought by rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state and reducing the lands allocated to the Palestinian state. “We always informed the Israeli side about this approach.” he said.

Recalling that they condemned Hamas’ actions following Israel’s reaction to the events of October 7, but called for a proportionate response in accordance with international law, Lavrov said: “In the context of history, the establishment of a Palestinian state is inevitable. Many of the consultations on the future of the Gaza Strip do not focus on the creation of a Palestinian state living in peace with Israel. “The most important goal is to stop conflicts and take measures to resolve existing humanitarian problems.” he said.


Assessing the US approach to the issue at hand, Lavrov said that Russian proposals on the Israel-Palestine issue were rejected by the US and said: “Washington does not want to tie Israel’s arms in practice. “The United States is apparently not prepared for any step other than a humanitarian cessation of hostilities.” saying.

Lavrov noted that the United States wants the crisis between Palestine and Israel to spread beyond the region.

Stating that Iran and Lebanon do not want to be involved in the emerging crisis, Lavrov said: “I see that neither Iran nor any other country wants a large-scale war in the region. “It would be a big mistake if moderation was perceived as a weakness, a green light to do whatever you want in Gaza.” he said.

Evaluating US President Joe Biden’s statement that “the United States aspires to build a new world order,” Lavrov stated that this is due to the “superiority complex” and “insufficient analysis of the situation.”

Source: Sozcu


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