Israeli troop losses in Gaza are increasing

Israeli troop losses in Gaza are increasing

The Israeli military reported that 2 more Israeli soldiers were killed and 4 soldiers were seriously injured in ongoing clashes in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The army statement said two soldiers were killed in clashes in northern Gaza. Four soldiers were said to have been seriously injured in the clashes.

After the Israeli military “expanded its ground operations” in the region, the number of Israeli soldiers killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip since October 31 rose to 46.

The number of Israeli soldiers killed since October 7, including attacks in the occupied West Bank and the Lebanese border, is 365.


On the other hand, the attacks carried out by the Israeli army against the blockaded Gaza Strip since October 7 continue to intensify on the 39th.

According to the official Palestinian agency WAFA, the Israeli army carried out intense airstrikes in the Gaza Strip throughout the night. Ten people, most of them children, lost their lives in the attack by Israeli warplanes on the home of the Al-Aga and Abu Jamize families in eastern Khan Younis. It was reported that people were also injured in the attack.

According to the statement made on the Telegram account of the Al-Aqsa channel, 6 people lost their lives and many people were injured as a result of the bombing by Israeli fighter jets against the Es-Sevarike family home near the Al-Fahura school in Cibaliya. Refugee camp.

Palestinian volleyball players Hasan Zaiter and Ibrahim Kasie were reported to have lost their lives in the shelling of the Cibaliya refugee camp. It was claimed that 12 houses in Cibaliya were completely destroyed and dozens of people were killed in the night-long attacks. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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