The words of the new British Foreign Secretary in Turkey became a hot topic

The words of the new British Foreign Secretary in Turkey became a hot topic

The words of Britain’s new Foreign Secretary David Cameron during a visit to Turkey in 2010 became a hot topic in the international community.

Cameron, who was prime minister between 2010 and 2016 and made one of his first official visits to Turkey, held a series of meetings and attended events in Ankara.

Cameron’s comments about Gaza at an event he attended in Ankara also became a hot topic. In Turkey, Cameron criticized Israel’s violence against the Palestinian people at the time. These words from Cameron, who criticized Israel’s illegal settlements in Palestine and considered Gaza a “prison camp”, were once again a hot topic.

During his six-year term, Cameron had established close relations with Ankara. He met with then Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

In his speech, Cameron said: “I want to say it clearly. Israel’s attacks on Gaza are completely unacceptable. “And I want Prime Minister Netanyahu to announce Israel’s investigation into this incident quickly and transparently,” he said.

Cameron continued: “I also want to say that the situation in Gaza must definitely change. Humanitarian aid and people should be able to go both ways. He went on to say: “Gaza cannot and should not be allowed to remain a prison camp.”

After Rishi Sunak’s decision, Cameron’s words became a hot topic, as he was back in the cabinet 7 years after failing to get the result he wanted in the Brexit referendum. Regarding Cameron, who has the title of Lord, the British newspaper Independent included the comment: “Lord Cameron’s comments on the ‘prison camp’ may be provocative as the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza continues to escalate.”

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