Civil war in Myanmar: dozens of soldiers fled to India

Civil war in Myanmar: dozens of soldiers fled to India

Conflicts are increasing on the Indian border of Myanmar, where conflicts between the army and rebel groups escalated into a civil war following the 2021 coup.

Many Myanmar soldiers were reported to have taken refuge in neighboring India as anti-junta groups stepped up their attacks. Indian police announced that at least 43 Myanmar soldiers surrendered to them to survive.

Speaking to Reuters, police chief Lalmalsawma Hnamte said: “We don’t know if they will be returned or not, we are waiting for instructions from the government.”

More than 2,000 Burmese have fled to India in recent days due to the conflicts. Some of them were reported to have been injured and were being treated.

The Indian state of Mizoram is home to more than 30,000 refugees from Myanmar fleeing war.


Conflicts between the military and minority groups, which have long demanded autonomy through armed struggle, continue to increase in Myanmar. Kayah State, on the other hand, has been the scene of intense clashes between ethnic armed groups and military forces since 2021, when the army took control.

The government has been fighting armed groups for decades in border areas dominated by ethnic groups.

As a result of the armed intervention of the Myanmar army against anti-coup protesters and rebel groups, 902 people have been killed so far and thousands of protesters have been detained. (AGENCIES)

Source: Sozcu


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