EU statement that will anger Israel

EU statement that will anger Israel

The High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, briefed journalists at the end of the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers.

Stating that today’s meeting focused on the urgent need to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, Borrell also stated that they had discussed what to do after the conflict ends and possible scenarios. Borrell continued his words as follows:

“We must find solutions for peace between Palestinians and Israelis and in the region. The dramatic crisis we are experiencing today and the enormous loss of life on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides demonstrate the political and moral failure of the international community. We couldn’t find a solution. Due to this situation, everyone must now understand that the need for a solution is essential. The solution must be a two-state future.”


Emphasizing that rebuilding Gaza will not be enough, Borrell said:

“We must build a new state for the Palestinians. This means that we must examine the consequences of the conflict. Arab countries don’t want to talk about this now, they want to talk about today. We must determine the parameters for the solution. Today I presented ministers with a framework that includes the conditions for this. Ministers supported this approach. “We must urgently work within this framework together with the United States and Arab countries.”

Borrell stated that, as the EU, they said “no” to 3 issues and listed them as follows:

“First of all, forced migration out of Gaza cannot be allowed. We cannot allow Palestinians to be deported. Secondly, the territory of Gaza cannot be reduced. The territory of Gaza cannot be occupied by Israel. Thirdly, the situation in Gaza has to be part of the solution to the Palestinian question.”


Borrell said that to resolve the Palestinian issue there must be a “single and legitimate Palestinian administration” and this must be accepted by the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

“Right now there is a Palestinian administration. “We will not invent a new Palestinian administration.” Borrell stated that the current Palestinian administration should be strengthened.

Borrell noted that they do not want Gaza to be in the hands of Hamas and that “some type” of Palestinian administration will have to intervene in Gaza, adding: “No one knows how we will do this, because no one knows when the conflict will end.” saying.

Underscoring that Arab countries must provide strong support to this Palestinian administration, Borrell stated that a solution would not be possible without Arab countries getting involved, helping with reconstruction and making political contributions to the formation of the Palestinian state.

Borrell also stated that the EU is not sufficiently present in the region and that it should definitely intervene in the solution.


Borrell stated that in today’s meeting they also discussed the Azerbaijan-Armenia issue and reported that they decided to increase the EU mission in Armenia with more personnel and more patrols in sensitive areas of the border.

Borrell noted that they will evaluate the options to provide financial support and visa liberalization to Armenia, called for the continuation of peace negotiations between the two countries and decided to invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia to the next meeting of Foreign Ministers of the EU. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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