Innovative products were exhibited at the Eurasia Doors and Windows Fair…

Innovative products were exhibited at the Eurasia Doors and Windows Fair…

The Eurasia doors and windows fair, which this year as every year was attended by more than 200 representatives of the sector, aroused great interest.

Many innovative novelties were offered to buyers under the thematic headings of the sector.

Adil Işıldak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Albert Genau, said: “In recent years, balcony and winter garden covering products are highly preferred, which have been used to provide new and comfortable spaces for our residential houses. These systems, which are also used in commercial areas, have brought a new look to the sector due to the spaciousness and comfort they bring to the spaces. “At the fair we saw that there was great interest in these products,” he said.

Işıldak stated that they presented two innovative products at this year’s fair:

“We continue our story with our bioclimatic veranda and pergola systems that we exhibited at the Eurasia Window Fair this year. As Albert Genau, we provide all the components that transform living spaces into a holistic experience with our range of 8 different products. The winter garden stands out as the most ideal closing system to create a new room in homes. In today’s increasingly busy and stressful living conditions, people’s need for private living spaces is increasing even more. Therefore, the balconies and terraces of rising buildings are becoming the most important relaxation spots for people. As a brand that creates living spaces, we designed our winter garden system that turns balconies, gardens and terraces into usable spaces in all seasons. We respond in the best way to people’s needs with our Premium and Premium Plus double-glazed greenhouse models. Thanks to our Premium Plus Double Glazing system, the pleasure of the balcony that in some regions lasts only 2 months due to adverse weather conditions becomes possible in all four seasons, regardless of the weather conditions.

We offer an innovative system with flexible application areas such as gardens, terraces, hotels, restaurants and cafes with our other new system, the bioclimatic pergola, in whose design quality we trust and which we believe will cause a sensation. At the same time, we can create pleasant spaces by covering the environment with Albert Genau mobile glass systems. With bioclimatic pergola systems, you can control sunlight and airflow as you wish, provide superior resistance to snow load and insulation against factors such as rain noise. We offer all these features to our users with the 100% Albert Genau guarantee.

“As Albert Genau, we bring our own designs to more than 1,500 points of sale in 86 countries, together with more than 700 manufacturers and their sub-distributors.”

Source: Sozcu


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