Israel’s threat to the Lebanese: they will pay the price

Israel’s threat to the Lebanese: they will pay the price

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made assessments about the tension on the Lebanese border during his visit to a military base in northern Israel.

Citing as an example the Palestinians who were deported from northern Gaza due to Israeli attacks and hinting that the Lebanese may face the same situation, Gallant said: “I tell the Lebanese citizens from here that I see the citizens of Gaza walking through the coast with white flags and advancing towards the south.”

Gallant argued that Hezbollah dragged Lebanon into a possible war and made a mistake.


Continuing his threats against the Lebanese people, Gallant said: “If Hezbollah makes such mistakes, those who will pay the price will primarily be the Lebanese citizens. “We know how to do in Beirut what we did in Gaza,” he said.


Gallant said: “Our pilots are sitting in the cockpit, the nose of their plane is facing north. “We have work to do in the south (in Gaza), but our air force is looking north.” he made the assessment of it.


As conflicts between the Israeli military and Hamas continue to escalate, there are concerns that a new front will open in the region.

In the latest statement made by Hezbollah, it was stated that Wadi Shumira, Tel Shaar and the village of Tarbiha and the surrounding military points on the border were attacked with appropriate weapons.

In another statement made by Hezbollah, it was reported that an Israeli tank and infantry forces were hit by guided missiles in the Al-Mitilli region.

On the other hand, Israel attacked the Sheba region in southeastern Lebanon with artillery fire. It was claimed that after Hezbollah attacked the Mitilli region, there was intense mutual shelling between both sides.

In clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah since October 8, 70 Hezbollah members and 4 Israeli soldiers lost their lives. (AA)

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