Support for Palestine is not prohibited

Support for Palestine is not prohibited

Although it is prohibited to display Israeli or Palestinian flags in stadiums in Spain, fans of many clubs violate this ban in favor of Palestine.

Finally, in the Athletic Bilbao-Celta de Vigo match played yesterday on matchday 13 of the Spanish Football League I (La Liga), Palestinian flags were displayed and calls for peace were made from the scoreboard.

With the initiative of Athletic Bilbao Club, the message “Human rights, international law, peace” and the message “Urgent, permanent and sustainable ceasefire to end hostilities” were transmitted in Gaza, which was received by the United Nations in the General Assembly on October 27. , were posted on the scoreboard at the start of the match.

Although it was stated that the Athletic de Bilbao and Celta de Vigo clubs wanted peace in the Gaza Strip, some fans supported this initiative, which received applause from the stands, displaying a Palestinian flag.


On the other hand, Real Sociedad fans showed their support for Palestine from the stands before the match against Benfica of Portugal in the Champions League on November 8.

About 20 people from the far-left cheer group of Real Sociedad, who were in the stands behind the goal, entered the stands wearing white aprons and masks on their faces, first spraying themselves with red paint symbolizing blood, and then displaying Palestinian flags.

Real Sociedad fans increased their reactions after the police removed one of their fans from the stadium for displaying a Palestinian flag in mid-October, and a large group of them displayed the Palestinian flag during the Mallorca match played on the 21st. October.

Individual initiatives to support Palestine in Spanish stadiums continue in some other matches. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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