Israeli alarm in Kosovo

Israeli alarm in Kosovo

The Kosovo Police announced that strict security measures have been taken to ensure that the match between the national teams of Kosovo and Israel to be played tomorrow in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, goes off without a hitch.

The statement from the Kosovo police said: “It is planned to take the necessary measures to manage and carry out in the best possible way this sports competition, which is of national importance for the country and sport.”

The statement listed a series of security measures to be taken by the police:

“Increase security measures before, during and after the match, to guarantee order, peace and public safety, take the necessary police measures against possible illegal actions and combat all negativities that cause instability, to prevent negativities and possible acts criminals that may endanger public peace to any extent, combat them, before, during and after the sporting event, both in the surroundings of the stadium and, when necessary, in the city, squares, etc. adding preliminary security measures at venues and controlling potential crowds.”


In the statement, which shares a series of rules that sports fans who come to watch the game must follow, it is stated that only pedestrian traffic will be allowed on the roads surrounding the stadium.
It will not be permitted to carry any racist, xenophobic, political or religious promotional material, glass and plastic bottles, alcoholic beverages, food, umbrellas, weapons or any other device that can be used as a weapon, camera or pyrotechnic items in and around. the stadium.

Kosovo and Israel will meet tomorrow in the match of the seventh week of Group I of the 2024 European Championship Qualifiers.

The match between Kosovo and Israel, which was scheduled to be played on October 15, was postponed to November 12 because the Israeli authorities did not allow their national teams to travel abroad for security reasons. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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