Arrests at demonstration in support of Palestine

Arrests at demonstration in support of Palestine in London

The protesters, who gathered for the fifth time in solidarity with Palestine in London, gathered in Hyde Park, one of the city’s symbolic places.

The protesters, who participated in the solidarity action with Palestine at the request of numerous non-governmental organizations in the country, called on Israel to end its attacks on Gaza, lift the blockade, declare an immediate ceasefire and allow the full entry of humanitarian aid material. towards Gaza.

At least 100 people were detained by police at the protest, which was reported to be attended by 300,000 people.

The march ended in front of the US embassy in London.

The march took place at the same time as the commemoration of the end of the First World War. While precautions were taken against possible street incidents, it was learned that approximately 2,000 police officers were assigned to prevent any problems in these two protests. (AGENCIES)

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Source: Sozcu


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