Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Europe

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Europe

Europeans took to the streets in Gaza

The well-attended demonstrations in support of Palestine, held in London every Saturday since October 14, following the start of the Israeli army’s attacks on Gaza, have entered their fourth week.

The description by the British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, of the demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine as “hate marches” could not prevent the protesters from gathering in the famous “Trafalgar Square”, in the center of the capital, with Palestinian flags.

The protesters, who gathered at the call of many non-governmental organizations despite the cold weather and rain, carried banners reading “Shame on Rishi Sunak, shame on Netanyahu” and “Free Palestine” and demanded that the British government support their call for a “ceasefire in Gaza”.

Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the main opposition party, the Labor Party, as well as many parliamentarians and representatives of human rights organizations attended the rally and spoke.


More than 17 thousand people attended the march held in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Despite heavy rain, protesters gathered near Düsseldorf’s main train station and marched, holding Palestinian flags and photographs of murdered babies and chanting “Freedom for Palestine” slogans.

In addition to the Palestinians, Turks, Germans and people of other nationalities also supported the march, in which the police took extensive security measures.

Protesters gathered at the end of the march, where some protesters covered their mouths with duct tape in protest and held a demonstration.

Speeches here described the Israeli government’s oppression of the Palestinian people and criticized Western countries that remained silent about this oppression.


Protesters also gathered in Paris, the capital of France.

Parisians gave a message of support for Palestine with banners and Palestinian flags in their hands and protested Israel’s attacks on Gaza.


Thousands of people gathered in Rome, the capital of Italy, and marched in support of Palestine.

Approximately 5,000 people, including students, gathered in Vittorio Emanuele, one of the busiest squares in the capital, protesting Israel’s attacks on Gaza and giving a message of solidarity with Palestine.

During the march, protesters frequently chanted slogans such as “Free Palestine” and “Freedom for Gaza” and protested against the Italian government for its support for Israel.

Protesters called for an end to the Israeli bombing of Gaza, holding banners reading “Enough.”

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