Quadruple summit canceled

Quadruple summit canceled

Biden meeting canceled after attack in Gaza

US President Joe Biden’s plan for a trip to Israel and Jordan, which has drawn criticism, was further complicated after hundreds of Palestinians lost their lives in Israel’s attack on a hospital in Gaza.


Biden was expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, and then travel to Jordan to meet with Jordanian King Abdullah, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. However, just as Biden was expected to leave Washington, Jordan canceled the summit.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safedi stated that his country decided to cancel the quadripartite summit scheduled for Wednesday in Amman.

Regarding the issue, Safadi said: “If the summit is to be held, we want the only result that comes out of this, not the second, to be the end of the war, respect for the humanity of the Palestinians and the handing over of the necessary help.” Safadi emphasized that they want this massacre to stop and that they will continue to support the brother Palestinian people.

On the other hand, the spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Abu Zeyd, stated in his statement that the decision to cancel the quadripartite summit in Amman was made in coordination between Egypt, Palestine and Jordan.


Biden, who postponed his visit to Jordan after Israel, expressed his condolences for those who lost their lives in the Gaza hospital attack and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

A White House official said: “President Biden postponed his trip to Jordan and the planned meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan, Egyptian President Sisi and Mahmoud Abbas, due to the declared mourning of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Biden hopes to meet with these leaders face to face soon. “The president will remain in regular and direct contact with each of them in the coming days,” he said.


US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at Northern Arizona University as part of her “Fight for Our Freedoms” tour.

A person who participated in the program spoke about the bombing of schools in Gaza, the deaths of students, the loss of lives of Palestinian civilians and United Nations (UN) personnel and, finally, the Israeli bombing of the Baptist Hospital al- Ehli in Gaza, which caused death. of hundreds of civilians.

When the participant asked why children in Gaza were being stripped of their lives and right to education, Harris said, “I believe that both Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace, self-determination and security.” he said.

Noting that he was deeply affected by Hamas’ attacks on Israel, Harris said: “I think it’s also important to understand the distinction between Hamas and the Palestinian people and civilians. “These should not be mixed.” he made the assessment of it. The American vice president gave the message that suffering must be taken seriously.


Tlaib, a Democratic member of the US House of Representatives of Palestinian origin, noted in her post on

“(Addressing Biden) This is what happens when you refuse to facilitate a ceasefire and help reduce tensions,” Tlaib said. His attitude of focusing solely on war and destruction has opened the eyes of me and many Palestinian Americans and Muslim Americans like me. We will remember where you stand.” he said.

Muslim Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, posting on she made the assessment of it.

Omar said it was “terrible” that the Israeli army bombed one of the few places where the wounded could be found for treatment and shelter during the war. Additionally, Omar emphasized that Biden should “push for an immediate end to this massacre.” (AA, REUTERS)

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