Scandalous words: Israel has a very capable army

Scandalous words: Israel has a very capable army

Scandalous Pentagon statement: Israel has a very capable army

At the news conference, Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh answered questions about the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which was hit by an Israeli airstrike.

Reiterating his full support for Israel, Singh drew attention to his evasive answers to questions about the hospital attack, in which hundreds of civilians were killed, stating that he did not have much information on the subject.

Noting that the United States does not impose any preconditions on the military aid it provides to Israel, Singh said: “We are definitely giving Israel the security systems it needs to effectively neutralize and push back Hamas in Gaza. “This does not mean killing innocent civilians.” he said.


Singh stated that in meetings with Israeli officials they reiterated the absolute need to support the law of war and said: “Israel has a very talented and professional military. “We believe that the security assistance they use in Gaza will be used correctly to attack Hamas, while at the same time allowing innocent civilians to seek out areas where they can turn for humanitarian aid.” he said.

Singh noted that they are continuing their contacts with the Israelis to ensure that civilians in Gaza have what they need and can be evacuated to safe areas.

On the other hand, the spokesman, who blamed Hamas for the Israeli bombing of the Gaza hospital, argued that Hamas continued its activities in buildings where civilians were located.

Singh explained that they believe Israel should comply with the laws of war by not attacking innocent civilians and that they have full confidence in this regard.


The spokesman told reporters who asked why the United States had so much confidence in the Israeli military, which previously failed to foresee the Hamas attack and caused many human rights violations: “We have a long-term alliance.” he replied he.

While Singh claimed that Hamas has set up its command centers in buildings such as hospitals, he responded to persistent questions from journalists: “Do you have any evidence to prove this?” and he said, “I don’t have that data.” He had to respond.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, stated in his statement to the AA correspondent that hundreds of people died as a result of the Israeli bombing of the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. (AA)

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