Hamas leader: The responsibility lies with the United States…

Hamas leader: The responsibility lies with the United States…

Hamas Leader: The Responsibility Lies to the United States…

The head of Hamas’s Political Bureau, Haniyeh, said in the video he posted: “This bombing of Israel is a massacre that demonstrates the brutality of the enemy and the resounding defeat it has suffered against the resistance.” he said.

“The United States is responsible for Israel’s attack on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza.” Haniyeh said and continued:

“This massacre has taken its place in the series of massacres carried out by the Zionists since the occupation of Palestine. This is your talent. “Making massacres is their characteristic.”

Stating that Israel does not respect values, customs and laws, Heniyye noted that the enemy who attacked churches, mosques and hospitals in the same place and those who did not condemn him were responsible for this massacre and genocide.

Emphasizing that “resistance will continue until the occupation ends,” Haniyeh called on the Palestinian people to “oppose the occupiers and settlers in all cities and on all streets, especially in the West Bank.” (AA)

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Source: Sozcu


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