Frightening warning for London

Frightening warning for London

Speaking to the British newspaper The Guardian in New York on the occasion of “Climate Summit Week” that will begin before the opening of the 78th United Nations (UN) General Assembly, Khan said that the independent climate report prepared for London determined that “in the capital it is possible that temperatures of 45 degrees will be observed for more than one day in the foreseeable future.”

Khan stated that the report found that the heat in question could potentially disrupt several basic functions of the city: “This means that the subway is not fit for purpose, some houses are too hot during the day and nursing homes and schools They are also too hot.” ​​said.

Khan assessed the possibility that the capital could face 45 degree heat as “extremely worrying”.


Khan addressed the need to do the work needed to adapt to these temperatures and highlighted the need for more government support to help cities adapt to the climate crisis.

London Mayor Khan said: “We must put everything on the line for this. We receive little support from the government. The fact that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has not come to the UN General Assembly and cannot attend COP28 says it all.” he said.

In July last year, temperatures in the capital London surpassed 40 degrees for the first time, leading to school closures, the cancellation of some hospital surgeries and bushfires. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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