Joe Biden’s son was sued

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was sued

Hunter Biden’s lawyers filed suit against IRS whistleblowers.

U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers Greg Shapley and Joe Ziegler filed a lawsuit against the IRS in federal court in the capital, Washington, alleging that Hunter Biden made an “unlawful disclosure” of their tax information. in his public statements before the Supervisory Chamber. and the Accountability Committee presented its request.


According to the lawsuit, Shapley and Ziegler are accused of campaigning to “embarrass and harm” Hunter Biden, while Biden’s lawyers are seeking “$1,000 in damages for each unauthorized disclosure.”

While Shapley’s attorney called the lawsuit a “senseless smear” intended to “intimidate current and future complainants,” Ziegler’s attorney said his client would “continue to speak out” about the “special treatment” given to Hunter Biden. .

In July, U.S. Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers Greg Shapley and Joe Ziegler testified publicly for the first time at a House hearing about allegations that the Justice Department improperly intervened in the investigation into Hunter Biden.

In their statements, Shapley and Ziegler stated that the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden was “moving slowly.”


While the US Department of Justice denied the whistleblowers’ allegations, the White House said in its statement that the investigation and allegations regarding Hunter Biden were “politically motivated attacks on the rule of law and the independence of our justice system.” . (AA)

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