Critical meeting between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Critical meeting between Iran and Saudi Arabia

According to the Tesnim news agency, based in Iran, Abdullahiyan gave information about the deal reached with Saudi Arabia at a press conference in the capital Tehran.

Emphasizing that the deal will establish peace in the region, Abdullahiyan said he would meet his Saudi Arabian counterpart Bin Ferhan, but did not give a date.

Iranian Minister Abdullahiyan added that progress has been made in negotiations to normalize relations between his country and Bahrain.


On January 2, 2016, 47 people, including Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, were executed in Saudi Arabia on “terrorism” charges.

Following statements by the Iranian authorities reacting to the executions, the Saudi Arabian embassy in Tehran and consulate buildings in the city of Mashhad were set on fire by protesters in Iran.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries, already strained by the Yemen crisis that began in March 2015, were completely severed.

Iranian and Saudi Arabian officials met in Baghdad in April 2021 for direct talks, and talks mediated by Iraq continued thereafter.

Riyadh and Tehran agreed to the resumption of diplomatic relations on March 10, through the Chinese authorities, in Beijing after 7 years. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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