“The trade volume with Israel is 9.48 billion dollars”

“The trade volume with Israel is 9.48 billion dollars”

CHP member Ömer Fethi Gürer asked Trade Minister Ömer Bolat to what extent Turkey’s relations with Israel, which continues its inhumane attacks on Gaza, are on commercial terms.

Gürer asked what products were imported from Israel, what products were exported to this country and what our trade volume was. The Ministry responded to these questions in writing.

Minister Ömer Bolat announced that exports to Israel in 2022 will amount to 7.3 billion dollars, imports from this country will be 2.45 million dollars and the total trade volume will be 9.48 billion dollars. The main exported products were steel bars, vehicles, jewelry items, electrical conductors and plastic kitchen utensils. Products such as petroleum oils, iron and steel scrap, and aluminum scrap were stated to be in first place in imports.


Deputy Gürer stated that the continuation of the attacks against Gaza has caused a great social reaction in Turkey: “Our relations with Israel appear to be very bad in all areas, but this is clear from the data of the Ministry’s responses. “We have an important relationship with Israel in trade.”

CHP MP Ömer Fethi Gürer said: “Although our political relations with this country were problematic from time to time, our relations with Israel were as flexible as possible before the attacks on Gaza. During this process, we asked questions of the ministers. We ask to what extent are our trade relations with Israel. “In general, it was said that trade relations and political relations are separate issues,” he said.


Gürer also stated that Trade Minister Ömer Bolat announced that after October 7, 2023, when Israel’s attacks on Gaza began, mutual trade between this country and Turkey decreased by 50 percent compared to the same period last year.

Noting that the AKP government has developed trade relations with different countries with which it intends to fight politically, Gürer said: “If the mutual benefit provided in trade relations brings with it economic benefits, the political struggle only serves as a message to the grassroots. of voters”.

Source: Sozcu


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