Critical data announced: gold and dollar moved

US October inflation figures announced

Consumer inflation (CPI) figures for October in the United States have been announced.

In October, monthly inflation was 0 percent and annual inflation was 3.2 percent. The increase in the core CPI in the US was 0.2 percent monthly and 4 percent annually in October.

In the US, the CPI was expected to rise 0.1 percent monthly and 3.3 percent annually in October. The core CPI was expected to be 0.3 percent monthly and 4.1 percent annually.

US consumer inflation was 0.4 percent monthly and 3.7 percent annually in September. Core inflation was 0.3 percent monthly and 4.1 percent annually in September.

It is believed that the CPI data announced in the US may have an impact on the Federal Reserve’s policies for the coming period.


After the data was announced, the dollar fell and gold rose.

After the data, an ounce of gold rose $13 to $1,957. The gram of gold also reached 1800 TL.

S&P futures rose 1 percent after the US inflation data.

The euro/dollar parity, which was 1.072 before the data, reached 1.078 after the data. The parity rose to the highest level since September. The dollar/TL was quoted at 28.6.

Following the CPI data, US bond rates fell by more than 10 basis points across many maturities. The 10-year US bond interest rate decreased to 4.49 percent and the 2-year bond interest rate decreased to 4.86 percent.

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, remained horizontal at $36,500.

Source: Sozcu


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