Families of Israeli hostages march towards Jerusalem

Families of Israeli hostages march towards Jerusalem

Relatives and supporters of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli army continues its attacks for 39 days, began marching from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem to demand a prisoner exchange.

Families of the prisoners and Israeli supporters marched from the area they called “Hostage Square” in Tel Aviv to the Prime Minister’s Office in West Jerusalem, approximately 55 kilometers away.

The families, who made a press statement in Tel Aviv before their departure, are demanding that Israeli government officials speak to them and confront them about why a deal could not be reached for the captives.


The families emphasized that they “demand a comprehensive prisoner exchange agreement that covers all captives.” The families stated that “time is running out” for their relatives in Gaza, which Israel has been bombing non-stop for 39 days, and announced that they are waiting for a response from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the War Cabinet.

One of the captives’ mothers said in her speech: “I demand that Benjamin Netanyahu and the cabinet respond to us and take action. “We have no strength left.” saying.

Another Israeli, whose seven relatives are held captive in Gaza, said: “I call on all Israeli people, mayors, members of Parliament and youth groups to march with us. “We want answers from decision-makers about why our families are still in Gaza.” he said.

The captives’ families and the Israeli group supporting them also carried banners with photographs of the captives and the words “Bring them home immediately.”

According to Israel, Hamas’s armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, holds 239 Israeli prisoners.
The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades had released the video of the speech given by the captive Israeli soldier who died in the Israeli attack on November 9, before her death. In the video released yesterday, a 19-year-old captive soldier named “Faul Asiyani,” who said she is of Moroccan origin, says: “All of Gaza is under missile attack. There are other prisoners with me. “We are afraid of dying from the missiles. missiles.” he said. (BRITISH AUTOMOBILE CLUB)

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