Netanyahu’s impeachment debated in Israel

Netanyahu’s impeachment debated in Israel

The future of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu began to be discussed among ministers and parliamentarians of the Likud Party after the Gaza war.

Likud member ministers and parliamentarians reportedly discussed removing Netanyahu from the premiership with a vote of confidence and moving forward with a new leader. It was also noted that the fact that this issue has begun to be consulted by opposition leaders demonstrates the seriousness of the situation.

The news also addressed why Likud parliamentarians adopted this attitude, noting that if Netanyahu remained at the head of the party and was defeated in the next election, many of the parliamentarians in question acted with the anticipation that they would no longer be an important party. of the political system.

Therefore, it was stated in the news that a group of deputies were examining the possibility of taking steps towards a vote of confidence after the end of the war in Gaza.


It was stated in the news that, in such a case, the government is expected to be headed by a prominent Likud name who will not be a candidate in the elections, and this situation was called a “complex political step,” as Netanyahu said. he will have enough time to block this attempt.

The latest opinion polls in Israel show that Netanyahu and his Likud Party are losing power, while the National Unity Party and its leader Benny Gantz are rising. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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