Trade Minister: Sanctions will increase exponentially

Trade Minister: Sanctions will increase exponentially

Speaking at the Turkish Business Ethics Summit organized by the Turkish Association of Economic Companies and Business Ethics (İGİAD), Minister of Commerce Ömer Bolat said: “As a state, we inspect practices such as inspections and market surveillance , unfair exorbitant pricing and warehousing practices. . “In the next omnibus bill, penalties will increase exponentially,” he said.

Bolat said: “During the earthquake, we also saw many bad examples that did not comply with professional or business ethics. “We are trying to solve these problems,” he said.


Speaking about the unemployment data, Bolat said: “Our unemployment data was also announced yesterday. Thank goodness, it fell to 9.1 percent. I can say that this is the lowest figure we have reached in many years. The official figure puts the number of unemployed at around 3 million 150 thousand. “Our employers convey their problems to us saying, ‘We can’t find people, midstream staff, or trained and qualified staff to hire us,'” he said. (DHA)

Source: Sozcu


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