Foreign tourist traffic problems.

Tourists arriving in Antalya spend a day in traffic

Tourists arriving in Antalya complain the most about traffic.

Tourists arriving from Europe to Antalya airport in 3.5 hours arrive at the facilities in the eastern districts in 5 hours.

Antalya City Council tourism working group chairman Recep Yavuz said: “Tourists have spent a full day in traffic and are starting their holiday at a loss. Spend the day on the road. “This generates great discontent,” he said.


Antalya receives millions of local and foreign tourists every year.

Tourists who come to 5-star tourist facilities with a capacity of 640 thousand seats enjoy the sea, sand and sun.

This year, 16 million tourists are expected to arrive in the city, which broke the all-time tourism record in 2019.

The season, which started late due to the earthquake in the city, where tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England and Poland are mostly, is expected to be extended due to above-normal weather.

Source: DHA

After landing at Antalya Airport, tourists arriving in the city are transferred to the facilities where they will be accommodated in the transfer vehicles of hotels or tour companies.

The tourist group that wants to go from Antalya Airport to a facility in Kemer, Demre, Finike, Kumluca, Kaş moves west using the main urban arteries or the ring road.

Transportation, which has two options in the city: ring road or main artery, is carried out through the Antalya-Alanya D-400 highway on the eastern axis.

Traffic is often stopped due to the single-track option for the Manavgat, Side, Alanya and Gazipaşa facilities.

In addition to tourists, hotel workers or daily commuters who live in the city and head to the eastern districts create traffic congestion, which is one of the factors that makes transportation to the eastern districts difficult.

Considering the population of the city, in Antalya, where there is 1 vehicle for every 2 people, the problem that tourists complain about most during the 2023 tourist season is long waits in traffic.


The tourists, who reported their complaints to the tourist companies, claimed that they had spent a day on the road and pressured them for compensation.

The Antalya City Council’s Tourism Working Group also brought the issue to the council’s agenda. The assessment found that the road, especially from the airport to the eastern districts, could not withstand the traffic load.

Chairman of the tourism working group of the Antalya City Council, Recep Yavuz, said that the image of Antalya that the tourist creates in his mind until he arrives at the airport from his country suddenly changes due to traffic.

Yavuz said: “The biggest problem for tourists is traffic. The trip lasts up to hours, especially in the summer months, resembling city traffic. Tourists spend most of their vacations traveling. Spend the day on the road. This generates great discontent. “European tourists arrive in Antalya in 3.5 hours and can reach their hotels in Manavgat and Alanya in about 4 or 5 hours,” he said.

Yavuz said that tourists go through the same process when they go to the airport to return to their country, leaving their hotels hours before and spending one more holiday day on the way, and continued as follows:

“He was on the way for 1 day and another day on the way to the hotel. He was on tour for 2 days. If a tourist arrives in Antalya from Berlin, the flight will last 3.5 hours. If you go on vacation to Belek, there is not much loss, but if you go on vacation to Alanya, Manavgat or Side, traffic becomes a problem after Serik and the transfer takes 5-6 hours. “The tourist spent a full day in traffic and begins his vacation with a loss.”


Recep Yavuz stated that not only tourists but also tourism workers suffer from the same situation, and that tourism workers who leave home early due to traffic and drivers who have to drive all day in traffic have problems. important. Yavuz added that to solve the traffic problem in the city, new roads should be supported as soon as possible and alternative routes created, especially for vehicles going directly to the eastern districts. (DHA)

Source: Sozcu


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