Horrible image in the hospital… They will be buried in a common grave

Horrible scene in Gaza… They will be buried in mass graves

It was claimed that Palestinians who died and could not be buried here due to Israel’s attacks on Shifa Hospital, the largest health center in blockaded Gaza where thousands of wounded and displaced civilians took refuge, will be buried in a mass grave to be buried. dug here today.

In his statement to Qatar-based Al Jazeera television, the Director General of the Ministry of Health in Gaza said: “The area around Shifa Hospital has been shelled continuously for 3 days. “There is intense shelling almost every minute for Israeli forces to enter the hospital by land,” he said.

Berş noted that Israel’s strikes prevented ambulances from entering and leaving the Şifa hospital and that the hospital was blocked. Berş said: “We cannot bury those who breathed their last in the hospital. “We are planning to dig a mass grave at the hospital in the morning and bury the bodies of 100 people here,” he said. (AA)

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Source: Sozcu


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