The hunting ban ended and fish prices fell

The hunting ban in the Mediterranean was lifted and fish prices fell by 80 percent

With the complete lifting of the hunting ban in Mersin, fish began to appear on the stalls. Compared to previous months, fish prices have decreased by 80 percent.

The hunting ban in the Mediterranean, which began on April 15, ended on September 15. With the lifting of the ban, the ships sailed into the blue waters of the Mediterranean. As the fishermen’s catch was abundant, the stalls began to fill up. Thanks to the abundance, prices dropped by 70 to 80 percent.


The president of the Mersin Fishermen’s Association, Adnan Polat, highlighted that the season began with abundance and highlighted that abundant fresh fish is offered daily at the stalls.

Polat said: “Starting September 15, we said ‘Bismillah’ and started the hunting season, and all our fishermen took to the sea. The first fish of the season have already arrived. We have a lot on our counters. “September, October and November are the months in which fish is abundant,” he said.

Polat, who also made statements regarding fish prices, made the following statements:

“Our prices have dropped up to 70-80 percent. Fish prices are very affordable. We currently sell anchovies for 40-50 TL and mullet for 70-80 TL. We offer many types of fish to our people for less than 100 TL. From here we send fish to metropolitan cities. We need to develop our fish farming. It is a source of Omega 3 and strengthens immunity. “We bring it fresh from our seas and offer it to our people.” (DHA)

Mersin anchovy fish

Source: Sozcu


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