The Toyota C-HR hybrid is presented

The Toyota C-HR hybrid is presented

Toyota launched the second generation of the Toyota C-HR model in the SUV segment for sale in Turkey. The second generation Toyota C-HR, which has a 1.8-liter full hybrid engine, took its place in the Toyota Plazas with prices starting at 1 million 550 thousand TL with a special launch discount of 250 thousand TL.

The new model includes the Advanced Automatic Parking System and the Intelligent Lane Change Assistant, which opens the doors of autonomous driving, a 12.3-inch multimedia screen, a panoramic glass roof without curtains with thermal insulation, “system premium sound” JBL, “change by cable” Electronic gearbox, an advanced system that can change according to any time of day. Numerous functions are offered such as ambient lighting, color indicators reflected on the windshield and digital interior rearview mirror.


Speaking about the year-end goals of the Toyota brand, Toyota Türkiye Marketing and Sales Inc. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt continued his speech as follows:

“As Toyota, we predict that we will close 2023 with 58 thousand units. Due to availability issues, we were not able to supply as many vehicles as we wanted in the first 9 months. In the last 3 months of the year we focused our efforts on compensating for this.

We became one of the 3 best-selling brands in October with the great campaigns we carried out with the support of the manufacturer and we want to continue with this high pace until the end of the year. We already know that Toyota’s potential is very high when there is no availability problem and market conditions are normal.

We believe that next year we will have a 10 percent market share. Currently, our range of products is very wide. We are already in a very good position in terms of sedan models. Additionally, we have become very strong in the commercial vehicle and SUV segments. We have a full hybrid version of all our models and we are the only brand in this sense. “We have a range that will satisfy all expectations.”


Sharing this year’s final automotive market figures and his sector predictions for next year, Bozkurt said: “We have observed that there has been an increase in vehicle availability in recent months. “The demand that has been accumulating for about 4 years and the commercial campaigns implemented help maintain sales at certain rates,” he stated.

Bozkurt said that in November-December a panorama similar to that of October is expected: “Therefore, for the first time we will see a year-end of around 1 million 150 thousand with a market of more than 1 million. We predict that we will encounter a different scenario in 2024. Rising vehicle prices, credit costs, difficulties and restrictions in accessing credit can cause the market to contract by 30 to 35 percent. “At this time, a market volume of around 750,000 to 800,000 can be achieved, including automobiles and light commercial vehicles,” he said.


The new Toyota C-HR Hybrid can be preferred in Turkey with three different equipment options: Passion, Passion X-Sport and Passion X-Style. Standing out for its high-end equipment, including the base Passion model, all versions of the Toyota C-HR feature a panoramic glass roof without curtains, LED headlights with a parabola design, LED taillights exclusive to the Toyota C-HR and a transmission box. “shift by wire” electronic changes. , 12.3-inch Multimedia. Features such as its screen, 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Panel, Integrated Navigation, Wireless Charging Unit and Toyota Safety Sense 3 are included as standard.

Features such as automatic parking system and intelligent lane change assist are also offered on the Passion.

The Passion

Source: Sozcu


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