Attack on Greta Thunberg on stage: He took the microphone out of her hand…

Attack on Greta Thunberg on stage: He took the microphone from her hand and…

Young climate activist Greta Thunberg had a difficult time yesterday at a protest in Amsterdam…

Thunberg, who took the stage to talk about the environment and the climate crisis, invited a Palestinian and Afghan woman to the stage. Thunberg said: “As the first movement for justice, we must listen to the voices of the oppressed who fight for their freedom and justice. “Otherwise, climate justice cannot come without international unity,” she said.

Thunberg invited a woman named Sahar Shirzad to the stage. After Shirzad’s speech, Thunberg said, “Those in power don’t listen,” and an angry man came on stage and attacked Thunberg.

The anonymous man took the microphone from Thunberg’s hand and made a brief statement. The angry man took the microphone from Thunberg and said: “I came here to take part in action on the climate crisis. “I didn’t come for politics,” he said.

The man’s speech ended with boos from the audience. Thunberg took the microphone from the man and told him: “Calm down. “There is no climate justice in the occupied territories,” he said.

Palestinian attack

Source: Sozcu


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