Striking claim about Hamas’ attack on Israel… Code name: Jericho Wall

Striking claim about Hamas’ attack on Israel… Code name: Jericho Wall

It was claimed that Israel obtained the detailed plan prepared by Hamas for the October 7 attack more than a year before the incident, but the country’s military and intelligence officials ignored it, considering it too difficult to implement the plan.

In the New York Times (NYT) news, it was reported that the approximately 40-page document, called the “Jericho Wall” by Israeli officials and supposedly prepared by Hamas, summarized point by point the comprehensive attack carried out by Hamas against the morning of October 7th.


It was claimed in the news that Israel had been aware of the detailed plan prepared by Hamas for the attack for more than a year, and it was claimed that the country’s military and intelligence officials did not take the plan into consideration, describing it as “imaginary” and It is very difficult for him to do it.

Many Israelis lost their lives in the Hamas raid on Al-Aqsa Flood, which launched Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

While the document reviewed by the NYT did not give a clear date for the attack, it was claimed to outline a methodical attack plan designed to “crush fortifications around the Gaza Strip, capture Israeli cities and attack key military bases.”

The “racket of rockets” by Hamas, which is part of the attack plan and provided for in the document, “unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that will disable security cameras and automatic machine guns along the border, and armed people who “They enter Israel en masse on paragliders, motorcycles and on foot.” It was observed that all the steps such as “influx” were implemented surprisingly accurately.


The document also claimed that Hamas was seen to have obtained confidential information about the Israeli military, and it was stated that questions were raised about how the Israeli side collected intelligence information on this issue and whether there were leaks within the Israeli security agency.

Officials from the Israeli army unit on duty on the Gaza border were alleged to have said Hamas’s intentions were “unclear” some time after the document was revealed.

It was claimed that in July 2023, a senior analyst from Unit 8200, responsible for collecting signals intelligence and decoding them in Israel, warned that Hamas was carrying out an intense training exercise that lasted days and was similar to those described in the plan in question. (AA)

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