Employee retirement bonus date

The employee retirement bonus will be discussed at next week’s General Assembly.

AKP Group Vice President Muhammet Emin Akbaşoğlu made statements at a press conference held in Parliament, including the retirement bonus, including the proposed law.

Akbasoglu, the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, which includes economic regulations accepted by the Stock Exchange Law, will be discussed at the general assembly next week, he said.

Akbaşoğlu Torba said that the proposed law includes the retirement bonus for the employee and said:

“It contains many substances. It will meet many public expectations. A proposed law, which includes the regulation of the fight against exorbitant prices and the regulation of retirees to buy 5 thousand TL.”

Description of the minimum wage

Akbaşoğlu reminded that negotiations on the minimum wage will begin and that the decision will be made as a result of the meetings. Akbaşoğlu shared:

“To date, we have never crushed our employees, officials and retirees by inflation and we have never crushed. Our goal of raising the standard of living of all our employees, social segments, retirees, farmers and merchants to increase purchasing power will continue continuously.

In December we will see a result of increased purchasing power without being crushed by inflation with all our working brothers. At the beginning of January 2024, we will share a walk to increase the standard of living and purchasing power of all our civil servants, retirees and all our retirees and retirees, and to make them laugh.”

AKP Muhammet Emin Akbaşoğlu Parliament

Source: Sozcu


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