Tension in South America… Brazil sent troops

Tension in South America… Brazil sent troops

Brazil’s Defense Ministry announced that it has “intensified its defense activities” on the country’s northern border, closely monitoring the territorial dispute between neighboring countries Venezuela and Guyana.

The statement said: “The Ministry of Defense is monitoring the situation. “Defense activities have been intensified along the country’s northern border and the military presence has been increased,” he said.

Brazil moved more military resources north as tensions rose between Venezuela and Guyana over the oil-rich “Essequiba” region. Essequiba represents two thirds of Guyana’s territory.

Although the dispute between the two countries over Essequiba has long been ongoing, Venezuela began laying claim to Essequiba in recent years after Guyana discovered oil and natural gas near its maritime border.

As Venezuela prepares to hold a referendum on rights to Essequiba on December 3, the International Court of Justice, which Guyana has asked to annul the referendum, is expected to make a decision tomorrow.

However, the Venezuelan government stated that it would hold the referendum no matter what.

Venezuela opposed an oil tender opened by Guyana in September, saying that offshore regions were open to discussion and that companies that would receive this tender would not have the right to explore in the region. (Reuters)

Source: Sozcu


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