Bodies of babies and children were found in the hospital evacuated by Israel

Bodies of babies and children were found in the hospital evacuated by Israel

After the bombings in the Gaza Strip stopped with the humanitarian agreement reached between Israel and Hamas, it was possible to enter the Nasr Children’s Hospital in Gaza City.

According to Al Mashhad TV news, the decomposing corpses of many babies and children were seen in the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit.

Many babies and children remained in the hospital’s intensive care unit, which Israel forcibly evacuated after heavy shelling.

Israeli forces left babies and children to die in the intensive care unit, which did not allow them entry to the hospital.


Human Rights Watch European-Mediterranean also shared on its social media account a photograph taken in the intensive care unit of Nasr Hospital.

The post called for “an international investigation into the Israeli army’s responsibility for the deaths of five babies at Nasr Hospital.”

Before the humanitarian pause in the conflicts in Gaza, the Israeli army had attacked the areas around Shifa Hospital, Nasr Children’s Hospital, Al-Ehli Baptist Hospital and the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, as well as hospitals in Jerusalem and Indonesia affiliated with the Palestinian Red Crescent. . Hundreds of people were killed and injured in the attacks. Israeli forces forcibly evacuated some of these hospitals. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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