At NATO, disentangling Ukraine from Israel is the Biden administration’s challenge

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At NATO, disentangling Ukraine from Israel is the Biden administration’s challenge

Tracy Wilkinson

November 29, 2023

Should Washington’s battle over aid to Israel and Ukraine be one, both or neither? moved to the biggest global stage this week as senior US and European diplomats tried to make the case for fighting two wars at once.

The Foreign Ministers of the NATO Transatlantic Alliance,


the cornerstone of peace and stability for three quarters of a century, gathered in the bodies’ headquarters in Brussels


Tuesday and Wednesday. The discussions were dominated not by U.S.-European relations, but by the unrest plaguing Ukraine, Israel and the Palestinian territories Israel occupies.

“Listening to all of our colleagues around the table, everyone expressed strong support for Ukraine,” US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, representing the US, said at a news conference. “We must and will continue to support Ukraine.” He said that while the discussion was focused on Israel and Hamas, it did not upset the joint stance on Ukraine.

As in the United States, Europeans are increasingly cautious about sending billions of dollars to both Ukraine and Israel. Some of the same doubts that American citizens now have

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Ukraine that two years and 77 billion dollars

in the field of American aid

who have failed to secure military victory over a better-armed Russia are spreading in parts of Europe. A new government in Slovakia has said it is ending aid to Ukraine, although Germany and Estonia are increasing their contributions.

Meanwhile, support for Israel is high


US and European governments, although that could also be the case as the death toll of civilians in the Gaza Strip under Israeli bombardment rises to unprecedented numbers.

The Biden administration has tried to link the Ukraine and Israel cases, saying both are democracies fending off unlawful attacks from aggressive forces. While those documents address important differences in the history and dynamics of the two conflicts, it has become the government’s preferred framework.

History has shown us that when terrorists don’t pay a price for their terror, when dictators don’t pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos, more death and more destruction,” President Biden said from the Oval Office.

last month


Biden has proposed a $106 billion package of aid and equipment for the two countries, a measure pending in Congress.

There the results are mixed and take a controversial turn.

Some far-right clips, as it’s not just Republicans who are usually considered ‘far-right’

Republicans want


to cut aid to Ukraine and tie money for Israel to one of the most polarizing issues in the US: security along the country’s southern border with Mexico. Some analysts say

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could ruin the measure.

For Ukraine, the package includes anti-tank and Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems and artillery missile systems


and millions of ammunition. But aid packages have diminished in size as the war enters its second winter.

It will help meet Ukraine’s immediate battlefield needs, but only that, White House spokesman John Kirby said.






ouncil, said about the latest allocation. The runway is getting shorter and shorter with every passing assistance package we provide them. The actions we take and, just as importantly, the possible actions we don’t take, will reverberate for many years to come.

Here at NATO, U.S. officials have been adamant in portraying a united front in the face of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, indicating that European countries are now contributing more aid to Ukraine than the U.S.

Allies will continue to support Ukraine’s self-defense until Russia stops its war of aggression, Jim O’Brien, the U.S. State Department’s top envoy for Europe, said in a briefing ahead of the meetings in Brussels.

In addition to the broader NATO meeting, the US held separate talks with Britain, France, Germany and Italy


on the Israel-Hamas conflict, he urged continued “humanitarian pauses” in the fight for the release of hostages held by Hamas and access to the Gaza Strip for supplies, and for


eventual establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.



want later



for Israel and the West Bank

on Thursday note at the copy desk: Tracy reports that we must ignore this specific time element for the time being due to security measures. and will advocate expanding the temporary force that has enabled the release of Israeli and foreign hostages by Hamas, the freedom of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, and the access of humanitarian supplies to the devastated Gaza Strip. He reiterated his government’s belief that the “best path” to “truly lasting peace and stability” for Israelis and Palestinians is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

A senior Biden administration official who briefed reporters late Tuesday on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations said his administration is increasingly convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t even discuss a peace deal with Ukraine until he sees the results of the next American presidential elections. Putin had good relations with the former president


Trump, who did not challenge

one of

his abuse of power.

“In that context, it is important that NATO shows its support,” the official said.

Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, was attacked by the much larger, nuclear-armed Russia on February 22, 2022. Putin declared his intention to wipe out Ukraine, which he believed did not really exist as a country. There has been fighting ever since




According to the United Nations, there are at least 10,000 civilians.

Israel, another nuclear power that has occupied or controlled the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza for decades, was attacked on October 1 by a much smaller Islamist militant group. 7. Hamas gunmen from Gaza stormed southern Israel in a massacre that left people dead

at least

Israel said 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians and including children, were affected within hours. They also kidnapped

more than 200 about 240

Israelis and foreigners.

Israel responded with a heavy bombardment of the tiny Gaza Strip, followed by a ground invasion. Gaza officials say more than 13,300 Palestinians have been killed, at least half of them women and children.

Ukraine and Israel


are in very different positions towards their enemies: Ukraine




a great

current; A powerful Israel is fighting militants that the US, Europe and others consider terrorists.

Their needs and ratios of advantages and disadvantages are very different. However, both say they are fighting for their existence.

Many foreign policy experts agree with the statement


government and also see the connection between the struggle, despite the power differences, with one neighbor attacking the other, and

to believe

that one conflict should not cancel out another.

It’s unfathomable to me that this would be seen as either-or, says Mara Rudman, a Middle East expert in the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Who is

now at the Center for American Progress

policy institute


The debate has seeped into the 2024 presidential race. Former South Carolina Governor Ni




Haley, who prides herself on her foreign policy credentials after serving as Trump’s ambassador to the U.N., said during a recent campaign stop that both Ukraine and Israel deserved U.S. aid, with the latter country “asking no questions.”

“There is a reason why the Ukrainians want us to support the Israelis: because they know the dangers that if Iran wins, Russia wins for them,” she said, referring to Iran’s support for Hamas. “It’s all connected.”


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