Israel to free famous activist

Israel to free famous Palestinian activist

The Palestinian Prisoners Association’s written statement states that 30 Palestinian prisoners are expected to be released from Israeli prisons this afternoon.

It was recorded that 15 of the Palestinian prisoners to be released were children and 15 were women.

Ahed Tamimi, known as the “brave Palestinian girl,” was reported to be among prisoners expected to be released from Israeli jails.

Ahid Tamimi was arrested by Israeli forces in 2017 and spent 8 months in prison.

Tamimi was arrested by Israeli forces on November 6.

Et-Tamimi, the “brave Palestinian girl” who was wounded by Israeli bullets three times in her life and won the Hanzala Courage Award, was on the world’s agenda.


The Maariv newspaper, published in Israel, stated in its news based on the Israeli Prime Minister’s Press Office that 86 captives, 66 of whom were Israelis, were freed during the humanitarian pause.

The news claims that there are still 161 captives in the Gaza Strip, 146 of whom are Israelis and 15 are foreign nationals.

It was recorded that 126 of the captives were men and 35 were women.


The agreement on a “humanitarian pause” in the conflicts between Israel and Hamas came into force on Friday, November 24 at 07:00 local time (08:00 GMT).

In this context, an agreement was reached in four days to release 150 Palestinians in Israeli prisons in exchange for 50 Israeli prisoners held by Hamas.

The “humanitarian search” and prisoner exchange continued for two more days on November 27 under the same conditions. In this context, another 10 Israeli and 30 Palestinian prisoners were mutually released yesterday. (AA)

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