5 thousand TL bonus for working retirees

5 thousand TL bonus for working retirees

Discrimination between employees and non-employees in relation to the retirement bonus of 5,000 lira is finally abolished. A new article was added to the general bill discussed in the Planning and Budget Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, paving the way for retirees who work or have income from elsewhere to benefit from the 5,000 lira bonus. The proposal was unanimously accepted by ruling party and opposition deputies on the committee. If the proposal is approved by the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the approximately 16 million retirees will benefit from a bonus of 5,000 lira, without any discrimination.

With the motion presented by AKP deputies, the reference to Law No. 5510 was removed, which regulates that only those who do not work and do not earn income from trade or agricultural activities can benefit from the bonus. In the justification of the proposal it is stated that “The article aims to benefit from the one-time payment of 5 thousand liras made to the insured and beneficiaries who receive monthly income in the period of October 2023, as well as those who work or are active receiving monthly income, and working retirees receiving an old-age pension, without having their pensions cut,” he said.

CHP member Veli Ağbaba stated that they supported the retirees by accepting the proposal and told AKP parliamentarians: “We told them from the beginning that they were doing wrong, but we could not force them to listen. “If you were going to fix it, why did you make millions of retirees suffer this?” saying.

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