Reuters summarized 2023 with these photos: Terrible earthquake and elections were on the agenda in Turkey

Reuters summarized 2023 with these photos: Terrible earthquake and elections were on the agenda in Turkey

2023 has been on the agenda of the international public with two major wars… The first of them is the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, and the other is the war between Israel and Hamas, which began in October and still has a great bang. to life in Gaza.

In the photograph taken by Reuters journalist Umit Bektaş in Hatay, Abdulalim Muaini is seen under the rubble, waiting to be rescued with his wife Esra.

The British news agency Reuters prepared a comprehensive dossier while presenting the 2023 summary with photographs. Sharing the story of those photographs with amazing photographs from different parts of the world, Reuters also included some “iconic” photographs from Turkey.

The photo taken by Reuters journalist Sertaç Kayar in Diyarbakır on February 6 reveals the joy of a girl rescued from under the rubble and the rescue team.

Reuters, which reported moment-by-moment events following the earthquake that struck Turkey in February, used four photographs of the 7.8 magnitude quake in the archive.

Another photo from the Reuters “photos of the year” list was taken in Istanbul… In photos taken after the elections held in May, you can see the celebration of voters in front of the AKP headquarters in Istanbul after the announcement that President Erdoğan won the elections.

The magnitude of the situation is shown in photographs taken after the earthquake, in which more than 54,000 people lost their lives, thousands of people were left homeless and many houses were destroyed.

Mehmet Doğru, 6, whose family moved after the earthquake in Iskenderun, was seen playing on the coffins at the Çankaya cemetery.

Another photo taken in Turkey and published by Reuters in its “Photos of the Year” archive is from Istanbul… In the photo taken after the May elections, which is one of the most important issues on Turkey’s agenda, the Voters’ joy can be seen after the announcement of President Erdoğan’s victory.

In the photo taken in front of the AKP headquarters in Istanbul, voters are seen celebrating with flags and torches.

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